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We invite research papers, case studies and conceptual papers from academicians, researchers, students and practitioners from the industry to contribute on the following broad themes. The list is indicative but not exhaustive.

Commerce, Finance and Economics in a VUCA world
Risk Management Financial ChallengesF1
Role of Government in Facilitating BusinessF2
Sustaining Organizational Vitality F3
Business Ethics, Corporate Governance and TransparencyF4
Legal and Tax Aspects of BusinessF5
Human Resources in a VUCA world
Reimagining HR PracticesH1
Leadership Paradigms and its ChallengesH2
Workforce DiversityH3
Employee Engagement StrategiesH4
Shifting paradigms of Organizational Culture in the age of DigitizationH5
Impact of VUCA on Industrial Psychology and Mental HealthH6
Marketing in a VUCA world
Emerging Role of Social MediaM1
Developing Agile Marketing StrategiesM2
Brand Value in the Age of DisruptionM3
Digital Marketing Models and FrameworksM4
Operations & Production in a VUCA world
Challenges within Global Supply ChainsO1
Capacity Building StrategiesO2
Re-engineering Work Processes OR Re-imagining them?!O3
Information and Communication Technology in a VUCA world
Effects of VUCA in ICT and Data ManagementT1
Importance of Analytics in BusinessT2
Combating Cyber Security ThreatsT4
Innovation and Entrepreneurship in a VUCA world
Nurturing Start-up EcosystemsI1
Survival Strategies for MSMEsI2
Research and DevelopmentI3
Natural Resources and Environment in a VUCA world
Renewable and Green EnergyN1
Climate Change and its Impact on BusinessN2
Disaster ManagementN3
Social Responsibility in a VUCA world
Inclusiveness and Sustainable DevelopmentS1
Reducing InequalityS2
Social EntrepreneurshipS3
Scaling Social EnterprisesS4
Business Models for SustainabilityS5
Grassroots Innovation for Sustainable DevelopmentS6
Education and Training in a VUCA world
Survival of Institutions of Higher EducationE1
Innovative Teaching and Learning StrategiesE2
Collaborative Learning in a Borderless worldE3
Lessons for Next GenerationE4
Skill Development for Economic GrowthE5
Vocational Training for Youth EmpowermentE6